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LEGAL&TECH: Unique Combination of Expert Legal & Technical Solutions


Combining decades of expertise in our respective fields, SCHLÜTER GRAF and grfn have joined hands to provide a new and unique integrated service offering in the Middle East covering legal and technical aspects. Instead of engaging a law firm that cannot assess technical aspects of a project or an engineering consultancy that does not cover legal aspects, we act as a one-stop shop, managing the legal and technical challenges that our clients’ projects and disputes can entail. Our unique, holistic, and professional approach ensures that all angles are covered, providing powerful solutions for our clients.

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Manifesto 2022.png

Manifesto 2022

The Manifesto is a display of our work at grfn, laying out what was accomplished over the past years and we are looking forward to kickstarting the year building up to our 10 year anniversary.

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A series that is meant to simplify sustainability concepts and introduce them to our children.


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Women in Technology Forum

Women in Technology Forum

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