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AD DoE's Plan to Energy Retrofit 150 Governmental Buildings


From a pool of 2,500 eligible buildings, GRFN was tasked with narrowing down the selection, via Preliminary Energy Assessments and audits, to 150 buildings that display:
- The highest potential of savings
- The highest likeliness of retrofit success

The scope includes:
- Facilitation of MoUs between the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy and the owners of the 150 buildings to ensure data collection and collaboration
- Prioritizing the cluster of buildings over a five-year plan with the first 20 buildings being implemented in the first year
- Preparing detailed scope of works and financial assessment for EPC services of the 150 buildings
- Launching the official EPC tenders for the 150 buildings


Department of Energy - Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi, UAE


Mixed Use


Energy Efficiency Consultancy

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