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Adventure ParX and Cafe


‘Play is the new remedy’ is the moto of Adventure ParX + café for which we provided conceptualization, branding, and detailed interior and MEP design and supervision. ParX promotes the importance of physical play and the involvement of kids early on in challenging activities such as climbing for babies and overcoming an obstacle rope-course as well as getting through an exciting vertical maze for the older kids. The use of bright colors creates a stimulating environment for the children and highlight the notion of adventurous play and physicality.

Materiality and quality of experience were at the center of the design process. Environmentally responsible OSB panels were selected as decorative paneling for their environmental impact.

Real time monitoring of indoor air quality is implemented to ensure a safe environment for the children. The devices monitor VOCs and CO2 among other indicators and notify the administrators when limits are exceeded. The CO2 levels are used to modulate the fresh air supply into the space for a more energy efficient performance.


Adventure ParX


Dubai, UAE




Project Management; Interior Design; Engineering Design

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