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Etihad ESCO Energy Consultancy Services

2017 - ongoing

Energy Audit Services
As one of the first Certified Energy Auditor Firm by the Dubai Government (RSB), GRFN was one of the auditors for Etihad ESCO selected for the execution of the walkthrough audits on specific buildings portfolio in Dubai. The scope comprised production of audit reports including reporting of energy consumption and recommendations of energy conservation measures with cost benefit analysis. 

Measurement & Verification Services
Sole consultant for Measurement and Verification services for energy retrofit projects managed by Etihad ESCO for various governmental and semi-governmental entities in Dubai in line with the IPMVP over a 6-year contract for all projects by Etihad ESCO


Etihad ESCO


Dubai, UAE


Mixed Use


Measurement & Verification; Energy Audit

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