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GEMS Al Reem Primary School

2017 - 2018

The project calls for an innovative and effective concept for the GEMS Premium Elementary School, which caters for 2 different age groups – Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 5. This project will become the learning environment for many children, molding and nurturing the young minds. As such, the project aims to accomplish a goal of creating stimulating and vibrant learning spaces to inspire creativity and provide eagerness for learning and discovery. GRFN’s scope is to provide sustainability consultancy advising all design teams (architectural firm, MEP engineering firm, structural engineering firm, Architect of Record, Contractor) on the optimum and feasible sustainable features that can be included in the design. GRFN is also the Independent Commissioning Agent of the project.


GEMS Education


Abu Dhabi, UAE




Commissioning Management; Sustainability & Environmental Consultancy

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