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Kuwaiti Cities District Cooling Feasibility and Guide


Developed a comprehensive financial, legal, and technical study to enable the adoption of District Cooling in Kuwait. Kuwait currently has a few small and private district cooling systems in place or under construction. The Public Housing Authority, being the planner and developer of the main cities in Kuwait, contracted Griffin Consultants to conduct a holistic study to aid the adoption of district cooling schemes across all new cities. Al Mutlaa City, one of the newest cities under development, was taken as an application example. The deliverables to this project included:
- Macro-economic feasibility study
- Technical requirements and design guide
- Legal assessment and policies requirements
- Operational model including billing, operations and maintenance requirements
- Business model
- Financial and tariff model including costs, revenues, cash flows, and IRR
- Schematic design of proposed district cooling scheme


Public Authority for Housing Welfare - egis




District Cooling


Feasibility Studies; Engineering Design; Technical and Regulatory Consultancy; Renewables Consultancy

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