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Labor Camp Social Intervention

2020 - ongoing

Al Sahel contracting have been striving for a more sustainable operation, and we have been helping them get there. Spanning construction, water and energy consumption, purchasing, transport and air quality, we have worked along side Al Sahel on a comprehensive sustainability policy to direct their processes and procedures towards a more sustainable operation and achieving positive environmental impact.

As a contracting company, the greatest environmental impact can be achieved through green waste management practices. We are currently working together towards achieving maximum waste diversion from landfill on a pilot project, which would be ready to roll-out across all their construction sites in the future.

An initiative related to green waste management is Al Sahel Labor Camp Social Impact Initiative, which looks to utilize recycled material from the pilot project to create a social space for the inhabitants of the labor camp.


Al Sahel Contracting


Dubai, UAE




Architectural Design

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