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Technical Assessment of District Cooling Plant - Dubai Festival City


A technical assessment of the District Cooling Plant of capacity 50,000TR serving the mixed used development in Dubai Festival City, that includes multiple residential, commercial and hospitality buildings. The study was directed to evaluate the current condition of the plant and recommend necessary improvements to optimize plant performance, recover the depleting capacity of the plant and identify necessary retrofits. Tasks included:
- Performing a detailed technical, commercial and operational review of the district cooling plant
- Standing on the current status of the equipment design, control sequencing, commissioning, installation, and operation
- Assessing the capacity for connection of more loads
- Overall optimization and identification of energy conservation measures
- Identifying key issues and optimization considerations and present findings and recommendations for improving the plant value
- Review current district cooling services arrangements with Customers




Dubai, UAE


District Cooling


Building Surveying and Auditing; Operational Efficiency Consultancy

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