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Technical due diligence for 20 District Cooling & Chiller Plants - 80,000TR


Technical due diligence for about 20 District Cooling and Chillers Plants. The plants are a mix of operational and under-construction plants, including both Water-cooled and Air-cooled plants. The total installed capacity of the Water Cooled plants adds to over 80,000 TR and that of the Air Cooled plants adds up to over 10,000 TR.
grfn’s scope included assessment the equipment and plant condition to address the performance at asset and system level, highlighting of all strengths and weaknesses, evaluation of the plant design and operation based on the Client’s standards and requirements, and identification of any replacements or expansion costs alongside a comparison to the present standards and regulations to form unbiased recommendations on the plant condition, and identification of all major risks involved.




Dubai, UAE


District Cooling


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