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grfn’s team of diverse backgrounds and deep-rooted experience is able to support the delivery of sustainable projects that best serve the visions of our clients and the well-being of their local communities while becoming a positive contributor to the achievement of national and international targets and direction.​

We work with our clients to think strategically about sustainability, providing them with innovative, practical, and feasible solutions that improve their performance and that of their projects against a variety of KPIs. ​

By drawing on our holistic experience in Energy Efficiency, Engineering, Architecture, and Interior Design, we are able to effectively focus on constructible advice, feasible measures, and resilient solutions that keep our clients at an advantage throughout the lifecycle of their built environment.

Air Quality Management​
Carbon Management​
Commissioning Management​
Corporate Sustainability and Compliance​
Energy Simulation​
Environmental Consultancy​
Feasibility Studies​
Green Building Rating Systems
Health and Well-Being​
Independent Commissioning Agency​
Low Carbon Design​
Passive Design​
Portfolio Sustainability and Compliance​
Project Management​
Renewables Consultancy​
Smart Cities​
Soft Landing​
Technical and Regulatory Consultancy​
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