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introduction to sustainable development

Title: Introduction to Sustainable Development

Duration: 4 weeks

Level: Introductory

Subject: Sustainability

Language: English

In this training program you will learn the fundamentals of sustainability and will be able to identify and critically analyze the social, environmental, and economic dimensions of sustainability and how to apply them into real-life projects and developments.

Your research and analytical skills will be challenged while evaluating sustainability issues and solutions using integrative thinking and benchmarking available solutions and data collected to evaluate the effectiveness of sustainability projects and operations. You will get introduced to various green building certification systems utilized to improve the performance of the built environment and enhance user experience such as LEED, WELL, Estidama, BREEAM, and others. Diving in depth of these systems you will understand the synergy between all aspects of sustainability and cultivate knowledge of effective solutions and technologies that boost building’s sustainability through its life cycle. We will ensure that your professional career is motivated by means of collaboration with other professionals with diverse experience and perspectives through participating in project-related tasks, collaborative research, and brainstorming sessions.

Who can enroll: Final year or graduate students from Engineering or Architecture.

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