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grfn school is a Student Development Program comprised of curated internship modules and workshops across our five verticals of Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, MEP Design, Architecture and Interior Design. The platform offers a variety of workshops targeting different age groups, hosts a collection of trainings and webinars held by the grfn team. This initiative is aimed at ensuring quality and consistency of our internship programs, as well as embedding knowledge-transfer as a pillar within our operations.

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internship //

introduction to energy


This introductory program is designed for every energy and sustainability enthusiast who wants to create a positive impact in the world. During this program duration you will become familiar with the flow and functioning of an energy & sustainability project. 

internship //

introduction to sustainable development

In this training program you will learn the fundamentals of sustainability and will be able to identify and critically analyze the social, environmental, and economic dimensions of sustainability and how to apply them into real-life projects and developments.

Upcoming programs:

internship // architectural design
internship // MEP design

student enrichment week //

sustainable is cool

A week in the office interacting with the grfn team and learning about the basics of sustainability and why it is no longer a luxury concept but a necessity to be able to secure our collective futures. This is targeted at high school students looking to do internships and to gain insight into the professional field of sustainability.

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